Color Guard Fees

Does NOT include any required band fees

Uniform: $120

Jazz Shoes: $35

Warm Up Jacket: $30

Warm Up Pants: $25

Guard Fee: $80

Alternate Guard Fee: $67 (they will not have an opener flag)

*As stated in the try out packet, money paid out of pocket is first applied to the items you keep (uniform, shoes, warm ups). Money earned through fundraising is first applied to items the band keeps (flags purchased with the guard fee).

I suggest you take the total amount and divide through 4 payments, (July, August, September, October). This way you are covered if you do not fundraise enough. Items will not be given to you until they are paid.
If you are interested in purchasing a rifle, click here for the style we use. Be sure to order a black bolt and black leather strap. 

Updated 8-2-17

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