2013 Marching Show

"Warrior" is original music depicting a Japanese Samurai warrior.

2012 Marching Show

"The Jungle" portrayed a transformation from the concrete jungle to the conventional jungle.

2011 Marching Show

"Out of the Blue(s)" featured a little blues, the color blue and totally random, unexpected ideas from out of the blue.

 2010 Marching Show

Music by Richard Saucedo, "Rendezvous with the Other Side," will be used to describe the experiences of a "Paranormal Episode."    

 2009 Marching Show

The football field will be transformed into a giant video arcade game as the SHS presents "Space Invaders."  Roland Barrett's exciting musical scores to "Ancient Visons" and "Convergence" will provide the musical mood necessary to generate an alien invasion highlighted with special electronic effects and out of this world props.  The band will progress through three difficulty levels as they "play" the classic 1978 video arcade game.

2008 Marching Show
The 2008 SHS Marching Band will present "The Curse of the Mummy," featuring musical arrangements from Steve Vento.  Egyptian pyramids and hieroglyphics are planned as we use music from Jerry Goldsmith's musical score to "The Mummy" as well as Camille Saint-Saens' Bacchanale from Sampson et Delilah to take the audience on a thrilling adventure through Egypt.

2007 Marching Show
The 2007 SHS marching band show theme was “The Forbidden Island of Kong.” The musical production featured exciting arrangements of James Newton Howard’s soundtrack from the motion picture, “King Kong.” The music also featured an exciting primitive tribal drum feature and the football field was transformed into a tropical island complete with totem poles and a large gate leading to the land of Kong.

2006 Marching Show
The marching band show for the 2006 season was entitled "Fire!" Fire depicted the primitive beginnings of fire and progressed into the modern three-alarm fire complete with sirens, flashing lights, flames and other special effects.


2005 Marching Show
The marching band show for the 2005 season was entitled "The Odyssey," featuring arrangements from Robert W. Smith's second symphony. The band debuted new uniforms and the guard portrayed "sirens" that lured the band into the dangerous rocks of the ocean.

2004 Marching Show
The marching band show for the 2004 season was entitled "All Aboard!" and featured music from Robert W. Smith. Band members wore overalls and red t-shirts to portray railroad workers while taking the audience on a train ride through the old west.


2003 Marching Show
Robert W. Smith's symphony for band, The Divine Comedy, based on Dante Alighieri's literary classic of the same name was the theme for the 2003 show. Director Kirby Swinney arranged the music, using all four movements of the symphony: "The Inferno" "Purgatorio" "Paradiso" and "The Ascension." The band members wore long, black, hooded monk robes with a white rope belt. Props included a gate surrounded by a rock wall leading into the inferno.

2002 Marching Show

Caught In the Storm utilized music from "The Perfect Storm," by James Horner, "Make Our Garden Grow," from Bernstein's "Candide," Robert W. Smith's "Into the Storm," and original work by Kirby Swinney, Jair Klarfeld and Tom McGillen to depict the energy, beauty and danger associated with a severe storm and the reactions of those that are unexpected caught in the wrath of nature's violent fury. The band continued to utilize costuming. Band members wore bright yellow raincoats. The props and music depicted a beautiful springtime morning that evolved into a day filled with severe storms and tornadoes. The band utilized recorded narration from local weather forecaster Mike Morgan of KFOR-TV and personalized weather warnings to coincide with the location of their performances and competitions as they ran to seek shelter from the dangerous storms.


2001 Marching Show
The music was from Danny Elfman's soundtrack of "The Nightmare Before Christmas." The band wore a predominantly black costume with a snowflake on the lapel to depict Christmas and an orange glove to depict Halloween. The guard wore patchwork dresses similar to those worn by the character Sally in the movie. Long, red wigs and mismatched socks completed the guard costume. Props featured boxes painted to resemble Christmas presents, a haunted mansion with rock and wrought iron fences, candy cane fences, gingerbread houses and a scarecrow on a pole.

2000 Marching Show
The marching band show for the 2000 football season was music from the motion picture "Wyatt Earp." In a first for Shawnee High School, the band debuted Wyatt Earp sheriff costumes while the colorguard was depicted as saloon girls. Props were built to represent a western main street.


1999 Marching Show
The marching band show for the 1999 football season featured music from Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana."

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